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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

YMCA making a return in Jonesboro, renovations underway

JONESBORO, Ark- The City of Jonesboro is investing 6 million dollars into parks and recreations projects this year. One of those projects is bringing back an age-old staple to town: the YMCA.

“We’re doing an update. We’ve been working on this project for the last nine months.”, that according to Danny Kapales, Parks and Recreation director for the city of Jonesboro.

The city purchased the building in 2014-turning it into the Jonesboro Recreation Center.

But now new life is being pumped into two story 15,600 square foot property.

“A basketball court, volleyball court, and we’re adding a soccer field. So, we’re actually going to have a fieldhouse inside.” Kapales said of what the new center will offer to the public.

A turf and soccer area will also cater for other sports like football and wiffle ball.

Located at 1421 West Nettleton Avenue, it will also feature an event space and offices.

The renovations are paid for by federal coronavirus relief funding.

Kapales says it will be a much-welcomed addition to accommodate the growing city and region.

“We don’t have a facility over here, we do not have an indoor facility. Plus, Jonesboro’s missing field houses. We do not have turf facilities for practice, and this gives us that first opportunity to have a winter location and a hot summer location as well,” he said while standing inside the property that is under construction.

The project to transform the facility- which has an attached community pool- appeared before the Jonesboro City Council last April.

This is one of several projects underway with the parks and recreation department. With a sports complex, new bike trails at Craighead Forest Park, and a new community pool already in the works.

For some, the YMCA will serve as a blast from the past.

“This facility is well known, and this facility has been in memories for a lot of folks, and having it updated and utilized for those folks to come back to use, or have their children come back and be able to use,” said Kapales.

Renovations should be complete by May, and the new YMCA will open this summer.


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