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'We want to introduce them to a new way to live': Trumann church helps with re-entry program

The Trumann Police Department, met with other local departments, churches and the Arkansas Community Corrections to plan their reentry program.

The program aims to reintegrate people who have gotten out of prison back into society. Church planner Shane Foure knows this challenge all too well.

“One of the greatest joys of my life as a former addict is helping other people find freedom in Jesus Christ and find freedom from addiction,” Foure said.

Chief Jonathan Redman says this can be difficult for some inmates due to their criminal records or past struggles with addiction.

Redman says they first must assess what is needed in the city as many churches have a program like this.

If someone needs them to reference, Redman said they will ensure no one is pushed away because of their criminal record.

“We know that there are so many people that would love to have jobs but have been denied those jobs because they’re felons. We want to work with those people and work with the area and community churches,” Trumann Police chief, Jonathan Redman said.

Trumann police have this meeting yearly, but they now want to get others to join to reach more people especially with all the jobs now hiring.

Foure knows being that voice to connect with others, is what people need to motivate them in doing better.

He said in celebrate recovery one of the last steps in the 12-Step program is beginning to help other people through this process to lead someone else to freedom.

“People come out of prison or they come out of bad situations and they go around the same people and before you know it, they’re doing the same things. And we want to introduce them to a new way to live,” Foure said.

Chief Redman said they plan to meet next week on new plans for the future of the program.


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