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Veteran's Village expected to be complete by June 2021

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

updated version: March 9, 2021 11:58AM

JONESBORO,AR- Projects in Jonesboro are almost finish, just needing more time including the Veterans Village in Jonesboro.

The Veteran’s Village is near completion but there are still some finishing touches needed before opening.

“We are almost finished Guy Pardue has done an incredible job building the facilities. The homes, we’ve got 9 total homes, 2 are 2 bedrooms and 7 are 1 bedroom,” Communications Director, Bill Campbell said.

The village is the first one in Arkansas and they have also received funding for a community center.

With the help of the Beck Center for Veterans at A-State, they will decide upon what families will live in the new housing.

The process will be based on the guidelines set by Housing and Urban Development.

“The community center will give them a place to get together to look for services and get on their feet the way they deserve to be. These are our veterans,” Campbell said.

This is a temporary living space to help veterans and their families readjust to society.

Overtime, the project has received serval grants to and donations from local community members for completion.

They recently received a $250,000 donation from Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

“We’re in a really good place right now because this is getting done. It’s going to be the first and finest in the region. This is going to be one first-class veteran’s village. We hope if the need is there, we grow in the years to come,” Campbell said.

Campbell says they expect the project to be complete by June this year.


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