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Valley View School District prepares for students arrivals this week

JONESBORO, Ark- As students head back to the classroom, this week districts have been preparing for their arrival since they left.

Today is the first day of in-person learning for the Valley View School District.

Superintendent Brian Russell says during the holiday break staff were hard at work sanitizing and preparing for students’ arrival.

“We did extensive fogging over the break and had our sanitization people wipe down all touch surfaces,” says Superintendent Russell. “Anywhere students and staff may touch regularly such as doorknobs, entryways to rooms, desktops, water fountains.”

Superintendent Russell says they did these practices multiple times during the break to make sure all buildings and surfaces are clean for students and staff.

They also fogged their school busses- a practice they do daily during school.

The Valley View School District will also continue their digital Mondays for the nine weeks.

Getting approval from the department of education to do so, to help both teachers and virtual learning students.

With everyone back in the classroom today.

The district is ready to move to virtual learning if a rise in cases occurs.

“Ease students back in and make sure all the students that are attending face-to-face instruction here at school. Make certain that they are keeping up with their ability to virtual assignments should we have to pivot at any time,” he says.

There is a fear that there could be a sharp rise in cases related to Christmas.

With a two-week lag time, Superintendent Russell says they’re staying vigilant when it comes to their case count.

“We have not had a glaring number on our end so far as we’ve come back,” says Superintendent Russell. “We are kinda expecting, like everyone, a possible spike here in the number of students out.”

Superintendent Russell says they should have a better estimate of their district Covid case count later this week.

As this Friday will mark two weeks since Christmas.


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