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United Way of Northeast Arkansas introduces new executive director

Updated: Apr 8

JONESBORO, Ark- The United Way of Northeast Arkansas is officially under new leadership.

Jonesboro native Rachel Guerin is the new executive director of the United Way of Northeast Arkansas. She brings multiple years of nonprofit experience to the nonprofit and is excited to dive into her position.

“I was raised here in the area, [and] went to Arkansas State University for my business degree. [I] have been in nonprofit work for a long time. I’ve spent my career in nonprofit work,” Guerin says.

Guerin comes to United Way after working at the Salvation Army. She also served a seven-year stint with the March of Dimes.

Her experience will help her in this new role as she oversees the operations of the nonprofit and its eight and a half counties service area.

“There are a lot of moving parts in a nonprofit, right? You have the volunteer piece, the financial piece, the event piece, the grant funding piece,” the new executive director said. “And so, all those together make what United Way is. And I have experience in all of those other positions.”

Guerin started her new role on February 3, taking over after longtime director Nanette Heard retired last year, who is helping Guerin in the transition.

The Jonesboro native is passionate about northeast Arkansas and improving the lives of those who also call the region home.

“Working with people; getting to know them, getting to serve their needs in the community,” she said. “There are so many people that need help, whether it’s their health; their education; [or] their financial stability. And also, just the deeper roots within the community, and identity needs and how we can help.”

Guerin hopes to continue to bridge the gap between United Way and the public as she educates those on the nonprofit's mission.

“I think it’s very important to know that if you give to United Way, you’re investing in the community in northeast Arkansas. And there are some people that don’t know that. And I would love for us to really do a mass understanding of what we do on a daily basis and how we help those that need it most.”

Guerin is focusing on listening right now as she is still learning the ropes of her new position. However, she has many ideas and new programs she hopes to implement later this year.


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