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Tutoring program to help Junior High School students raise Math scores

JONESBORO, AR- The Neighborhood Red Wolves Community Engagement, NRWCE program will utilize “Math Prep Tutors” to prevent students from falling behind.

Red Wolves Math Prep Tutors will assist students across 4 Northeast Arkansas junior high schools reach a higher level required for high school graduation and college admission.

“As we know the ACT is our dominate standard for college admission in Arkansas and according to that particular report 26% of high school graduates in Arkansas were prepared for college math,” Program Director, Dr. Brenda Randle said.

Tutors will help students across Northeast Arkansas at schools like Douglas Macarthur Junior High School, Annie Camp, Nettleton Junior High and City Youth Ministries.

The program is set to begin next week until August 31, 20-21 and Dr. Randle hopes this will increase the college going rate in Arkansas.

“Going back so far as 4th to 6th grade when the scores begin to really drop, if we can kind of raise those scores at the junior high level the higher we raise those scores at the junior high level then hopefully by the time they matriculate to high school, then the scores will be raised at a level where they can at least score high enough to make a decent score on the act in the area of math by thereby heightening their chances of entering a 4-year University,” Randal said.

Randle say research shows scores drop at the 4th to 6th grade level and starting there can help before they move to high school.

The university will provide 20 math tutors and they hope to help about 100 students. Each A-State tutor will have 5 specific students based upon the tutors’ class schedule. COVID guidelines will be followed and in place for safety concerns.

“We’ll follow the same standard as ASU, also all the schools we’re working with are following the same standards as well. We will definitely make sure everyone will have a mask. Everyone will have everything they need; they will have shields and different things so we will make sure everyone follows those same standard and procedures,” Randle said.

A-State students can contact Dr. Randle to become a tutor and if you would like your child to be in the program, you can contact one of the specific schools for more information.


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