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Students at Nettleton STEAM School come together to make gifts for St. Bernards healthcare workers

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- Students at one local school are giving back to healthcare workers in town.

Students and faculty at Nettleton STEAM School are showing their appreciation to St. Bernards staff.

Thanking them for all they’ve done over the past year, by creating personalized gift bags.

“Every one of them is just full of love,” says STEAM facilitator Kelli Cochran.

A large focus for Nettleton STEAM is service projects.

So, when the idea to give back to the hospital came up, students and staff went to work right away.

Each bag includes a handwritten thank you note, origami heart, and mask lanyard, and a goal to create 1,000 bags.

While the number seems intimidating, that’s not the case for students at STEAM.

“I was thinking, ‘how are we going to do 1,000?’ But like we’re almost halfway there. So, I’m like ‘we’re going to do it,’” STEAM fifth grade student Arleth Huantes says.

Cochran says they wanted it to be a project that could bring the whole school together.

And it has, as 150 to 200 faculty and students have a role in bringing this idea to life.

“I didn’t want them to be the just the regular old mask lanyards,” says Cochran. “I wanted some work to be, done about them. And it needed to have a level of difficulty where we could kind of, come together and figure it out together.”

After a few days of learning to tie knots, with paracord students and staff were making multiples at a time.

They even picked a theme, sticking with the red hearts for St. Bernards.

Students are making sure the letters speak to St. Bernards staff, while also helping each other out along the way.

“I didn’t know how to draw hearts, so she drew like a family of the hearts. And I said like ‘thank you’

because a family of hearts because at St. Bernards they’re like a big family of working together,” says Ashton Lassiter, a sixth-grade grader at Nettleton STEAM.

Since last spring, St. Bernards staff has been on the front line.

Diagnosing and treating thousands of Covid positive patients.

All in a year that sets itself apart from others, kindness wins here.

These students hope to share their thanks for the men and woman that have protected us.

“We’re doing something kind again because St. Bernards has done a lot for us,” says Lassiter.

“Because like COVID is happening and they’ve been helping a lot of people. And that’s amazing that they’ll be able to receive something that’s helpful to them,” Huantes says.

Cochran says they plan to drop off all 1,000 of the bags to St. Bernards staff, next week.


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