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Students at Nettleton STEAM create, deliver gifts to St. Bernards staff, healthcare workers

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- Recently, we introduced you to students at one local school who were going above and beyond to show thanks to healthcare workers.

Over the past few weeks students at Nettleton STEAM School have been hard at work.

They've been creating mask lanyards and gift bags for St. Bernards staff.

Now, they were able to deliver them those items to the healthcare workers who have been protecting us over the past year.

“I was really amazed that we actually finished in such [a] short time, to be honest,” says STEAM student Chloey Hall. “Because I thought it would take until after spring break and everything. And getting to deliver them here personally is really a gift.”

STEAM students made 1,000 gift bags.

Each bag includes an origami heart, mask lanyard, and a personalized thank you note by a student or staff.

After weeks of working on the gifts, one student says she was thankful to hand them out to healthcare workers.

“And I was thinking in my head, ‘that’s going to be great because we personally did this with our own hands.’ And the feeling of my hands not aching anymore yesterday, that was a really great feeling,” says Ashton Lassiter. “But when they were aching bad, I knew it was for something to be kind.”

Fellow student Arleth Huantes who participated in creating the gifts agrees.

“It’s amazing for them to know that we did this, and the whole school did it and, everybody just came together too,” she says.

The students along, with Nettleton STEAM Principal Cathelene Gray and facilitator Kelli Cochran, delivered the items to St. Bernards ICU staff.

The students handed out the gifts and thanked them for being on the front lines fighting the virus.

Just last week marked one year since the hospital received their first coronavirus patient.

Emily Mcgee, St. Bernards director of critical and progressive care, calls the students inspiring.

“It has been an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. From seeing friends, family, and co-workers in the ICU. To talking with families outside of the hospital that can’t come, see their loved ones. And just to be rewarded in such a way with such kind words from so many kids, just that is the most amazing feeling ever,” she says.

Everyone in the STEAM community has a hand in bringing this project to life.

All to make sure our healthcare workers know they are appreciated.

While it is still not a normal day at the hospital, they are slowly getting back to that.

“And sacrifice their classroom time to build our morale and thank us for a job well done,” says Mcgee.

St. Bernards plans to continue to handout all 1,000 gifts to healthcare workers and hospital employees.


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