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St. Bernards receives toy donations from the American Red Cross

JONESBORO, Ark- A hospital can be a scary place for children, especially around Christmas time.

But one non-profit is hoping to make those times a little brighter.

Pediatric patients and their families at St. Bernards Medical Center will feel the holiday spirit this year.

As they will receive a build-a-bear teddy bear.

The donation comes from the American Red Cross.

“It’s so nice to have something to give to a child when they come into the hospital because they’re scared. To get to have a bear and especially the size of those bears to be able to hold., so it was nice for us to have that,” says Vice President of Children and Women’s services at St. Bernards, Brenda Million.

Million says the red cross donated twenty bears and so far, they have given out four.

The number of their pediatric patients are low, but if and when a child is admitted to the hospital, they will have a build-a-bear for them.

Normally on Christmas Day, a special visitor meets with pediatric patients, to bring the holiday spirit to the hospital.

But due to Covid restrictions that won't happen this year.

“Normally Santa Claus comes here on Christmas Day. Santa Claus won’t be here on Christmas Day this year because we are limiting our visitors into our hospital due to COVID. So now we have the bears that we can hand out. So, it will be very nice as kids come in,” said Million.

Media Relations Manager for St. Bernards, Mitchell Nail says they’re very thankful for the support from the community during the pandemic.

“That’s been what’s incredible is just this outpouring of support that we’ve received, and it’s helped us create this warm environment as we can possibly, have amidst this difficult time. So, we’re incredibly thankful to the community; we’re thankful for our staff. Everybody that’s had a part in that,” says Nail.

If St. Bernards runs out of bears, the red cross will donate more.

The hospital says those bears would then go to pediatric patients as they arrive in the emergency room.


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