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St. Bernards offering free Covid support groups

JONESBORO, Ark- Depression and suicide rates are on the rise this year, but so is the amount of people turning to mental health professionals.

Covid-19 is touching many people, from the actual virus to the economic impact.

To help one during this difficult time, St Bernards is offering free coronavirus support groups for the public.

“You may not have had COVID, your family may not of had it, your friends may not have had it, or they may have,” says Assistant Vice President of Behavioral Health Services for St. Bernards, Kevin Byron. “But, depending on how difficult of a year you’ve had, impacted by the financial situation or the economy, different things like that. Then anyone can call in and participate in the group.”

The idea of a Covid support group came after public outreach from the community and hearing of the need.

Saying this is part of their mission.

They’ve already have multiple people register for the support group, which will be virtually.

Byron says they will accommodate as many people who want to attend.

“Going over different coping skills, so we’ll have our psychologist that will lead the group. We have several other therapists that can join in and help. If the group becomes too large, then we can split up the groups. We can be pretty flexible and add several to it through the month of December or January,” he says.

The first meeting will be next week, December 15th with the group being anticipated to be ten to twelve people.

They will also offer additional support if needed.

“There is something a little bit deeper for an individual than they would refer them to maybe a psychiatrist or another physician if they see there is really something there that they need additional work with,” says Byron.

They dont have an end date for the support group; it could go from ten to eighteen months.

Just as long as the need is there, they will have it.

If you would like to know more about the Covid support group, you can call the St. Bernards Counseling Center or register below.


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