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St. Bernard's Village residents to receive COVID-19 vaccine Wednesday

Christmas is coming early as St. Bernard’s assisted living facilities are preparing their residents to receive the Pfizer vaccine.

They have about 175 residents that are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Brian Rega, Director of Senior Services for Housing at St. Bernard’s Medical Center, says they are planning to administer the vaccine to their residents this week.

“It’s the greatest Christmas presents we could’ve asked for. The vaccines will be administered to all of our residents on Wednesday,” Director of Senior Services Housing, St. Bernard’s Medical Center, Brian Rega said.

The hospital is getting a shipment of 2,200 of the Pfizer vaccine this week, which was double what they received last week.

“Just like Santa Claus, we’re making a list and checking it twice and we’re going through all the details and we’ll have all the information that we need to send to the folks that administer the vaccines.”

The moderna vaccine was approved last week and is supposed to be used for long term facilities in the future.

Right now, they are not sure which vaccine their residents will receive.

“The efficiency rating is about the same. It’s roughly 95% for either of them. Once it’s taken off the freeze, you’ve got 5 hours and at any of our community we can administer the vaccine within 5 hours.”

Rega says they are not requiring their staff to get the vaccine but do highly encourage it.

They are working on scheduling residents now and the nursing staff from the hospital will administer the vaccine to their residents.

“We’re excited about it. We consider the vaccine to be another level of protection in our arsenal, so, we’re still going to wear our masks, we’re still going to sanitize our hands, we’re still going to socially distance, but this is something else that we can do to keep our residents and their families safe,” Rega said.

The extra level of protection for all their residents is what they are focus on when getting them this vaccine.


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