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St. Bernard's Hospital receiving 975 Pfizer vaccines

JONESBORO,AR- St. Bernard's Vice President of Ancillary Services, LeAnn Morrow says they will begin employee’s vaccination immediately.

The hospital says they are receiving 975 doses tomorrow morning where they will then begin scheduling vaccination for all front-line workers.

“We’re planning for the next 5-6 days to get that delivered to them in the most efficient way so, they can enjoy the holiday with their families.so getting hat first dose delivered to them as quickly as possible,” VP of Ancillary Services, St. Bernard’s Hospital, LeAnn Morrow said.

Pharmacist director, james Welborn, tell us, for the Pfizer vaccine, patients must get two doses.

He says there have been concerns with the vaccine, so they are making sure the safety steps are clear to their staff and community.

You receive immunization after the second dose.

“We’re going to make an effort to work with our staff to give them the confidence that they need to have in the vaccine with what the FDA with what the CDC had put out. They haven’t skipped any steps compared to what have been done in previous vaccines,” Pharmacist Director, St. Bernard’s Hospital, James Welborn said.

Welborn ensures they will monitor their staff shortly after they are given the vaccine to make sure there isn’t a reaction.

Morrow says they are trying to get community coverage first to reduce the spread in Craighead County.

“Trying to get enough people vaccinated so that we can get protection. That’s what we’re hoping to do with this vaccine is to people vaccinated for coverage and protection,” Morrow said.

All vaccines will arrive tomorrow, and vaccinations will start that afternoon.

Once all frontline workers are complete, they will follow the CDC guidelines in who will be next in line for the vaccination.


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