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Spring semester fully underway at Williams Baptist University

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark- Classes at Williams Baptist University are fully underway for the start of the spring 2021 semester.

Classes at the university started last Monday.

President Dr. Stan Norman says so far; everything is going as good as it could be.

WBU staff and faculty spent the holiday break preparing for students to arrive back.

President Norman says all Covid changes from last fall will carry over to the new year, as it helped pave the way for this semester.

"Based on our experience from last semester, we are in better shape as it pertains to how we are managing our way through the Coronavirus and all the challenges it presents," says President Norman. "Everybody has to understand the importance of all that is expected of them. Thus far, everyone has risen to the occasion and, in some ways, exceeded our hopes and aspirations."

Dr. Norman says students we're excited to be back on campus, classes are going well, and they look forward to a successful semester.


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