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Snow days changed forever due to COVID-19 Pandemic

JONESBORO,AR- Winter weather has caused several schools to transition to virtual learning for teacher and students.

Before the pandemic, some teacher and students were happy for snow days because that meant no school, but due the pandemic virtual learning was created, ending the no school on snow days.

“I think that we from now on are going to have to continue to have virtual learning for various reasons.” Assistant Superintendent, Finance of Federal programs, Grace Petersen said.

Arkansas State University and many schools in Northeast Arkansas have transitioned to virtual learning.

The University closed campus and all non-essential personnel was asked to work from home.

All on-campus classes remain in remote course delivery for today.

As remote learning continues, and all-academic buildings and office buildings are closed due to the amount of sleet and rain.

“I think one big change we have seen has been a product of the last year, has been the use of on-demand vs. live,” A-State Chief Communication officer, Bill Smith said.

Online programs continued with class, but now on campus classroom have two choices between traditional or Zoom or Web x.

Smith says the pandemic has forced them to be flexible and more ready to turn to remote learning.

“I think that our faculty have been very flexible. Found ways to provide some readings or some assignments to get through these class sessions and then they can come back to something later that they might really need to be in person or hands-on. But we’ll just wait and hear back from them as we get out of this event and I’m sure we’ll have a chance to improve,” Smith said.

Nettleton School District switched their students and teachers for the past few years use AMI days as snow days.

The district is 1 to 1, so their students go home with devices which gives teachers the ability to push out assignments for students.

Due to COVID, Peterson says they can do digital learning better.

“We’ve learned how to do, a lot of our programs we learned how to do in the classroom, our students have available to them at home as well. So, really a snow day or a digital day like this is just a continuation of what’s been going on in the classroom,” Petersen said.

For A-State when they feel confident in their decision for in-person classes next week they will alert everyone through social media and Nettleton School District, plans to have a digital learning on Monday and asks parents to check social media and the districts website for updates.


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