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Second dosage of Pfizer Vaccine being administered

JONESBORO,AR- Since the Pfizer vaccine arrived in Northeast Arkansas, we have been following along the update

St. Bernard’s Medical Center began administering the first Pfizer vaccine December 15. This week they have started on the first round of 11- hundreds of doses of the second dose.

The second dosage is the same vaccine, which is just a booster.

This week they began administering the second dosage and will continue until Saturday.

“We orchestrate our schedule based on how many doses we can give in a day. So, our goal is to never waste a dose and so far, we’ve not done that. We pride ourselves in that and we want to be very conscientious of that that we give every dose that we have available to us,” Vice President of Ancillary services, LeAnn Morrow said.

LeAnn Morrow says they have administered as of this week over 35,000 Pfizer vaccines.

From the first dose it could take up to 45 days until the vaccine is in full effect.

They have not had anyone with reactions to it just the typical immune responses like sore arms and brief cold like symptoms but feel hopeful moving forward.

“Everyone’s anxious to get it of course, with it becoming available. We’re filling a lot of questions and interests with that but right now we’re still under the direction and will continue to be with the department of health so once we get more information, we may be able to go into that second phase, but you know right now that’s where we’re at but a lot of interest out there for sure,” Morrow said.

Phase 1B is estimated to begin vaccinating in February which would including other frontline workers, teachers, and essential government workers.


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