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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Ritter Communications unveils new data technology center

JONESBORO, Ark- Ritter communications new data protection facility is open and now serving clients.

The new state-of-the-art 8-million-dollar data technology center is located in Jonesboro.

It will provide “top level protection as it's the first service provider-grade data center” in the region.

"We had a need to back up that infrastructure to make sure that with the increasing volume of cyber attacks and malware and fishing attempts and just generally, I guess bad activity that's out there these days. We wanted to back up our own infrastructure, and we also wanted to improve it as well," says Ritter Communications CEO Alan Morse.

Morse says no center offers near the level of protection in the region.

They also saw a need for a facility of it's magnitude in town.

Planning began in 2017 with construction starting in April of 2019 on the 8,544 square-foot facility.

Services include businesses can rent space to back up their data.

"So, they can actually move in their own I.T. equipment, and we will manage it for them, or they can manage it themselves. We can now offer more of a fulsome suite of services, so instead of being a connectivity provider, we're now an I.T. solutions strategic partner," says Morse.

Other services include creating virtual it environments, data and disaster recovery and internet security.

The center is staffed 24/7 and includes 82 full racks and 4 cages.

It also features modular-inline cooling and clean-agent fire-extinguishing systems.

There is also multiple layers of protection for data.

Morse says this can attract businesses to town who want to outsource their i.t. department.

"We have a fiber network that covers all of the commercial areas in Jonesboro. But now, in addition to that, we can say we have a dedicated data center facility that's available for them as well," according to Morse.

During building they had to take mother nature into mind as the building can withstand multiple natural disasters, including an earthquake and EF-3 tornado.

It was also built using steel reinforced concrete.


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