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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Red Cross to install free smoke alarms in homes across the region

JONESBORO, Ark- Since July 1, 2022, The American Red Cross has responded to over 180 house fires in northeast Arkansas. A large number that they hope to extinguish through their Home Fire Campaign, which has its eyes focused on the region this weekend.

“Fires are the most frequent disaster in the nation, and ironically, it’s the most frequent disaster we respond to in the Missouri- Arkansas region,” said John Brimley, Red Cross marketing and communications manager.

The Red Cross are sounding the alarm—bringing awareness to the dangers of house fires by hitting the road.

Going from home-to-home Saturday in the region- installing free smoke detectors.

“Family and residents can sign up to receive a free smoke alarm; we’ll come in and install it free of charge and help create a safety plan for you to be able to escape in the event a home fire does strike,” he added.

The process to request a smoke alarm takes a few minutes– but could save your life one day.

“Seven people die daily in home fires. So, imagine if you have a smoke alarm that gets cut in half,” Brimley told KJNB Northeast Arkansas News.

The Sound the Alarm event is part of the National Home Fire Campaign to bring attention to the -at times-deadly topic of home fires by installing smoke detectors in high-risk and underserved areas.

The campaign has been credited to saving 1,5,83 lives. A portion of those are our neighbors and friends, as 36 lives saved through the program are from the Arkansas-Missouri region.

“A smoke alarm is just a small thing that we often times just don’t think about. But it goes a long way in not just saving a life but saving our property as well,” Brimley says. “Because as emotional as it is to lose a life, we’re still dealing with that emotion and trauma of losing everything we’ve worked so hard for.”

To request a smoke detector, you can visit

select your state and then make an appointment.

Brimley says a Red Cross employee or volunteer will contact you to confirm your appointment and install a smoke alarm in your home on Saturday March 11, 2023.


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