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Quorum Court making creating new policies after Kade Holliday charges

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- Changes are coming to Craighead county after former County Clerk Kade Holliday allegedly stole more than one point four million dollars from the county.

Holliday’s alleged theft from the county is bringing attention and awareness to gaps within the county’s finances.

These new changes bring additional accountability.

With hopes they won’t have this situation again.

“Really try and update somethings on how we make sure that people are responsible with the finances of the county. Monitoring bank transactions, electronic transactions as well as other ways. It’s not a two -party check,” says Craighead County Judge Marvin Day.

Day says they’ve been working on this for four months.

The county reviewed all of their policies and procedures in addition multiple people from within the county and outside accountants review then as well.

Holliday allegedly stole funds from January to June of this year for personal use.

He is currently facing multiple federal and state charges in those cases.

Day says they could add additional changes if needed.

“As we would come together and find some weaknesses in our system, we would upgrade them immediately. So, what we’re really trying to do that and cement that into the procedures for the county going forward; and try to go forward not make the same mistakes twice,” says Judge Day.

The changes to the policies will have one more reading but day says they are already putting these new practices in place.

Holliday was arraigned yesterday on federal charges and pled not guilty. He will re-appear in court again next month.


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