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Process to clean up the unsalvageable areas of the Mall at Turtle Creek begin

JONESBORO, Ark- Construction is now underway to tear down the unsalvageable parts of the Mall at Turtle Creek.

After almost a year, portions of the Mall at Turtle Creek that were destroyed in the March 28th tornado are coming down.

While the city of Jonesboro is happy, they say it shouldn’t have taken this long for the process to start.

“Mayor Copenhaver did a good job. His first week on the job he, went out there and very politely convinced them that it’s very important to get this thing done. I think there is also the factor that after a year, their insurance runs out,” says communications director for the city of Jonesboro, Bill Campbell.

Campbell credits the mayor and his chief of staff for getting the cleanup process underway.

Saying mall leadership only has few local connections.

And the Mall at Turtle Creek owner, Brookfield Properties, did not have the interest of Jonesboro at hand.

“The rest of the people are from Chicago, New York. They don’t care. They don’t care what happens to Jonesboro. They don’t have our primary shopping facility or how our city looks. We care, we take pride in it and, Mayor Copenhaver made that clear to them,” he says.

Mayor Copenhaver gave Brookfield Properties a deadline that they must start the cleanup process by or face legal action.

Brookfield Properties then notified the city that they would start the construction by March 15th.

Areas of the mall were destroyed after an E-F 3 tornado ripped through Jonesboro last March.

Everything east of the food court is deemed unsalvageable, but Campbell says the mall plans to reopen.

“It’s right past the Victoria Secret where the devastation started and, that’s unsalvageable. Everything up to that point is going to be reopening we’re told. They’ve got air conditioning, heating going in there, they’ve got music playing throughout it,” according to Campbell.

Campbell anticipates cleanup will continue until late June.

There is no word on what will replace the unsalvageable areas.


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