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Pollen is in full effect in northeast Arkansas. One doctor shares tips on how to calm symptoms

JONESBORO, Ark- Seasonal allergies are back in full swing now that the pollen has arrived and is here to stay.

Do you ever walk outside and sneeze or have watery eyes? You’re not alone.

With the come of spring means seasonal allergies.

But you don’t have to suffer.

One doctor shares some tips to help those who are prone to allergies.

“Usually, what I say first things first, close your doors and close your windows and try to keep all that pollen outside where it belongs. And not inside your home,” says Dr. Akilah Jefferson, assistant professor of pediatrics in allergy and immunology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. “Pollen is water-soluble so, if you take a shower or bath when you get home, you can rinse it out of your hair because pollen needs to get into your eyes, nose, and mouth to really bother you.”

Dr. Jefferson also suggests closing doors and windows in your home to keep the pollen out and limiting outdoor exposure.

For mild symptoms taking over-the-counter medications like eye drops can help seasonal allergy suffers.

While some might think the rain might wash away the pollen, that’s not the case.

“Anytime we have a lot of rain, it helps everything grow,” she says. “It gives all of the nutrients it needs to grow. So, we have all these beautiful trees blooming but the more trees that are out there, the more pollen we have. The more flowers the, more pollen.”

Dr. Jefferson says march through may are typically the most active pollen months.

You might want to keep that mask around.

She says wearing a or face covering or mask can help keep pollen from entering your body.

“So, we want you to wear your mask out there, so we’ll be doing kinda double duty with the mask helping with the spread of coronavirus. And it can also help block any allergens or pollutions really that’s outside in the environment,” says Dr. Jefferson.

If you have a severe reaction or anything more than mild symptoms, you are encouraged to contact your doctor.


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