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Physician's 13-year-old son of the first to receive COVID-19 vaccine

JONESBORO,AR- As a physician, medical leader, and parent, hearing the news of the Pfizer vaccine being available to those aged 12-15 is exciting.

NYITCOM Dr. Shane Speights 13-year-old son, Parker Speights was among the first in line to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Parker says this was something he was looking forward to.

“I know that it’s very special for me to be one of the first in my age group to get it and I know that it’s one step closer for me to be mask-free,” Physicians’ son, Parker Speights said.

Dr. Shane Speights serves as the dean of the NYITCOM program at A-State and medical director for the city of Jonesboro.

Once the vaccine eligibility was extended, Speights was eager to make an appointment for his son.

“As you might imagine around our household, they hear a lot about COVID, as we were watching for the vaccine to come out, I was one of the first in our family to get vaccinated as a physician, then my wife did. She works at an elementary school, and then my older children so, they were all kind of waiting for their turn whenever the vaccine would be available for their age group. Parkers just came up and he was excited to be able to get it,” Dean of NYITCOM, Dr. Shane Speights said.

According to the CDC there are no seriously harmful events connected with those who received the vaccine in the trial.

“I was able to pull the information that Pfizer had submitted to the FDA and reviewed it myself and looked it over. 2200 kids in his age group from12-15 and there were 0 cases of COVID in that group,” Speights said.

The regular side effects of arm soreness, parker says he’s had but nothing else.

“I know that there’s a lot of people that are doubting the vaccine works, but I hope that being on the news now will help their kids get vaccinated, and start believing and start getting vaccinated so COVID will be no more later on,” Parker Speights said.

To schedule an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccine, you can contact your doctor or visit to find a vaccination location near you.


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