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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Organizations offer a helpful hand in Wynne cleanup

WYNNE, Ark- Organizations and business are coming from near and far to help residents in Wynne.

For Southern Roofing and Renovations Patrick Cantrell, offering a helpful hand here in Wynne means a lot.

“I used to live here, so I know a lot of these people. So, we’re just trying to do what we can do to help,” he said.

Cantrell, now a project manager for Southern Roofing, used to call Wynne High School his home.

“It does hit close to home. I was a teacher and football coach at [Wynne] High School.”

The school and athletic facilities left in ruins- taking a direct hit when an E-F three tornado hit Wynne on Friday, March 31. The aftermath leaves Cantrell emotional, reflecting on his time as a yellow jackets coach.

“Our locker room is gone; my classroom is gone. So yes, it hit home for me.”

As he was preparing to head to Wynne, calls started to come in, from people he knows in town asking for help. Cantrell and coworkers loaded-up their truck in Jonesboro and headed to Cross County.

“In this world you’ve got to have a helpful hand.”

There was a push for residents to cover their property as more severe weather moved in Tuesday and Wednesday.

The former football coach- now doing his part to give back to the town he called home through emergency mitigation. While, Southern Shingles cooks meals for residents and volunteers.

“We will have people here on the ground daily…as trees have been removed from roofs, decking has been busted open which allows water to get into homes. So, we’re just trying to get out and make sure those things are covered. And whatever people need that's what we’re here to cover.”

Cantrell urges residents to do their research when hiring a contractor and rebuilding.

Wynne City Hall also has a list of approved business and contractors available.

“...or find anybody in town. We can serve you, but we can also answer other questions that you have or can direct you in the right direction for someone who can help,” Cantrell said.


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