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NYIT celebrates Match Day with virtual ceremony honoring the class of 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- Today is an exciting day for students at the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Medical students across the country are celebrating as today is Match Day.

The program signifies the completion of the medical school journey for students to now being a doctor.

But for NYIT, Friday was even special as it is just the schools' second Match Day since welcoming their inaugural class of medical students in August 2016.

“Today is unlike any most match days we could have ever anticipated. Of course, we all hoped to be in person. And as it became clear, that was not going to happen,” says NYIT Dean Dr. Nicole Wadsworth.

After months of planning by students and faculty, with hopes, Match Day events would be in person, the school changed the program to a virtual format.

This is the second year the school is celebrating the day virtually.

Last year was the first Match Day for NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State.

Program events were quickly moved virtually due to the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The event took place virtually today with 113 student doctors matching.

Finding out their placement during the virtual ceremony.

Once they graduate in May, they will move into their graduate medical residency training program across the country or here in Arkansas.

One student doctor says despite the events being virtual, he and his peers are excited as their hard work is paying off.

“The idea was to all come together in person obviously,” says Best. “And hug on each other and love each other for sure and celebrate together. But, to do it virtually is the next best thing. All these past four years are starting to pay off and, we celebrate today and that achievement. It’s hard to describe but, we’re all very excited.”

Best, a northeast Arkansas native, matched in family medicine at UAMS Jonesboro.

He says he never expected finishing medical school during a pandemic.

While it did bring extra challenges, he says there were silver linings including, completing residency interviews virtually.

Associate director for external relations and marketing for NYIT calls the student doctors resilient.

“Covid has impacted all walks of life. And the process for these medical students just obtaining these residencies and interviewing for them,” Pierce says. “And completing their fourth year of medical school in the middle of a pandemic has been incredibly challenging in a lot of ways. But our students are resilient, and I think today certainly shows that.”

All student doctors that received their match placement will start their multi-year residency programs this summer.


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