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Northeast Arkansas, Children’s Dental Clinic of Jonesboro is opening a community health center

JONESBORO, AR- Northeast Arkansas, Children’s Dental Clinic of Jonesboro is opening a community health center.

The new community health center on cherry avenue, will specialize in health, dental, fitness, and health education. Dr. Misee Harris says after this past year dealing with the pandemic, now was the time to put their passion in action.

“It’s a breath of fresh air, I think for me, I know DeAnna that’s one of her passions and so when we came together and talked about it, it was likely just something that we were going to do in the future anyway. But we’re just like yeah, we got so pumped about it, we’re still pumped about it. We can’t wait till opening day and to let everyone see that these things are available,” Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Misee Harris said.

The center has been a passion for Dr. Harris, to provide healthcare access to those in need.

Harris says the center will be in downtown Jonesboro, on Cherry Av. making it easy for to travel to and from.

They wanted to create a safe place for people to receive quality health care.

“We’re still kind of in the preplanning process of what all do we want to provide to the community like we’re talking about exercise science and helping the obese population and we know that diabetes is,” Clinical Operations Director, DeAnna Weaver said.

They are hoping to work with people with different backgrounds, private insurance, or those without.

Access to health care is often a problem and especially in the minority community. Harris hopes this will let people know there are people here to help without a problem.

“Every discipline of health care I’ve always been interested in, and it’s just really bringing it to life. We want you to be able to call, you need an appointment, which discipline do you need to see, and then we’re going to give you an appointment, you’ll be able to come,” Dr. Harris said.

They expect the health center to open around mid-march of this year.


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