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New Coronavirus strain expanding across the country

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- We are learning more about a new strain of the coronavirus, as cases are

now in over thirty countries.

Cases of the new strain of the coronavirus are being detected across the country.

Which is more easily transmitted from person-to-person.

Doctors are encouraging people to continue to take percautions to protect themselves.

“So, we’re seeing a wider spread of this virus. It does not appear at this point in time that this particular strain makes people anymore ill or is likely to cause someone to die,” says Arkansas Department of Health’s Dr. Jennifer Dillaha.

The first case was found in the United Kingdom prompting other countries to temporarily halt flights from the U.K.; and causing new lockdown measures.

Cases in Colorado, California and Florida have been discovered in the United States.

Dr. Dillaha says many strains make up the virus; and multiple have been detected since the start of the pandemic.

Dr. Dillaha says scientist watch for new strains.

“By purposely taking some samples and looking for them. Some variations arise and then disappear, and others arise and stay,” she says. “So, this ones arisen and looks like it’s spreading, and it looks like it may stay a while. We’re gonna have to keep our eye on it.”

There is no evidence that it is makes one more ill.

But since it is easier to catch, doctors warn people to continue to follow all Covid and social distancing guidelines.

As hospitals remain packed.

“There is a worry that it could put more people in our already crowded hospitals,” says St. Bernards Medical Center Vice President of Medical Affairs Kasey Holder. “So, that’s something we need to be cautious of. But, wear mask, wash your hands. Continue to practice those same measures.”

Both Dr’s Holder and Dillaha encourage people when it is their turn to get vaccinated to do it.

There is some good news. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines appear to protect against this new strain.


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