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Nettleton Students recognized for Sidewalk Project in EAST Program

JONESBORO,AR- A set of Nettleton students received recognition during the Joint Technical and Policy Committee meeting at the council chambers.

The students in the EAST program at Nettleton High School have been working on this project for about 3 years and today they were recognized for their hard work and hope to create something much more after they graduate.

“We sent it into the Arkansas State Mapping contest, and we found out like 2 months later and we were like oh my gosh,” Senior, Laila Eliotti said.

The sidewalk project was created about 3 years ago when they learned the Jonesboro schools all have sidewalks within about 3 miles walking distance of their schools.

Resulting in saving money with bus routes and safety.

“On our areas, there are no sidewalks, the sidewalks are terrible. Kids are just walking within feet of cars flying by at 20 plus miles per hour,” Senior, Cooper Williams said.

Williams and Eliotti wanted to do the same for their school.

After much research and mapping, they submitted their plan to the state through the Geographic Information System Mapping Competition and won.

“It feels great, just that Nettleton gets this nice recognition to see how our student body likes to work with people. It’s also nice just to finally get really noticed for out 3 years of work on the sidewalk project, it’s really nice,” Williams said.

Williams and Eliotti have continued to do this work by meeting with Mayor Copenhaver about safe routes to school and identifying where they need to connect the gaps in connectivity and increase the school safety.

“At the beginning of our project, we worked with Mayor Perrin, and it's exciting to see even though we’ve been working on the project for 3 years how it’s going to switch over to Mayor Copenhaver,” Eliotti said.

They hope to continue this project with future EAST students as they make their school zones in the community safe.


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