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Nettleton Steam students talk to NASA astronauts on International Space Station

JONESBORO, AR- Today, Nettleton Steam School hosted NASA's education downlink with 2 astronauts in space.

The students asked questions of the astronauts live that are in the international space station, something that will stick with them for a lifetime.

“It was so cool, to learn the answers to the questions you had asked and an actually astronaut telling you the answer,” Nettleton Steam 6th grader, Layla Westbrook said.

Steam Principal Cathelene Gray was contacted about NASA wanting a school to participate.

After research and a 70-page proposal to NASA asking for the opportunity. It’s now a yearlong curriculum.

“It was fun to watch them when their face came up on the screen, they were a little nervous and a little embarrassed, but this is something they’re going to remember for the rest of their lives. It’s a big event,” Steam Principal, Cathelene Gray said.

Nettleton steam wasn’t the only school that got to talk with a representative from NASA today.

The gifted and talented students from the math and science magnet school with Jonesboro Public Schools, talked with a rocket scientist who builds the rockets.

“I learned that sometimes, while you’re building a rocket ship, you could get hurt,” Math and Science student, Yaretzy Flores said.

Steam 3rd graders are working on a water filtration system, 4th graders are planting group chambers and 6th graders are creating space suites.

Westbrook and Wheely, were humbled to having this opportunity.

“It was really awesome, she told me about one she worked on that morning, called cardinal heart, where they were growing a cell that is inside your heart in space and growing one on earth and then they were going to compare the two,” Westbrook said.

“I thought her answer was really amazing and fascinating because she said that your spine grows, making you taller,” Nettleton Steam 6th grader, Brooklyn Wheely said.

A documentary special program will be produced to air this spring on Arkansas PBS incorporating this event and the steam initiatives taking place in the school.


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