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Nettleton STEAM students learn about 9/11, give back to the community

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark September 11 is a day no one will ever forget. Now, 20 years later, students, who weren’t born at the time, are learning about the events that transpired on that sunny Tuesday morning.

For school-age children, all they know is life post 9/11. But teachers and staff at Nettleton STEAM School in Jonesboro are educating them about the topic and how first responders played a vital role in saving thousands of lives.

“It’s interesting to talk to them and see the bits and pieces they’ve picked up from hearing about it from their teachers, and from news stories, and their parents. So, it’s interesting to see their viewpoints on it and how they picture what happened versus we that experienced it on the news that day,” says Nettleton STEAM EAST facilitator Tiffany Feild.

When making their lesson plans, staff wanted to talk to their students about the 20th anniversary. But they wanted to do more than just talk about it. They wanted to help out the community. So then came the idea to create cards and pictures to show their thanks to local first responders.

“We’re able to actually create something that they then will be able to take into the community. These aren’t just something we’re hanging in the hallways or putting in a teacher’s classroom. These are actually going into the hands of first responders,” Feild said.

Over 400 first responders were killed in the September 11 attacks. But those who perished were credited with saving countless of lives that day.

While it can be a difficult topic to teach, Feild says it makes students eager to learn more.

“Sadness or a lot of them show curiosity about what happened that day. Where we were when that happened, and what we experienced emotionally,” she said.

When student Abigail Moss found out about the project, she was excited to get to work, as it hits close to home.

“My stepmom, she is a police officer, so that makes me really happy to be able to honor them and show them support,” Abigail said.

The school incorporates service projects into the curriculum. But last year, they were limited due to Covid-19. So, Abigail and her classmates, who were all born a decade after the attacks, were eager to learn more.

“It was a great experience because, until you look into it, you never really realize how important it really was, and all the things that really happened,” she said.

The cards will be given to first responders this Saturday, September 11, at Pasteria 49, as they distribute free meals to first responders.


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