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Nestlé investing 100 million dollars into expanding Jonesboro facility

One company announce they are expanding their Jonesboro facility will invest millions of dollars into the state and local economy.

Nestlé will expand their production facility here in Jonesboro.

They will invest over one hundred million dollars in addition to a large expansion of their local location.

The company will also add dozens of new jobs over the next two years.

“They have facilities all over the country, but they’re looking for somewhere that had a talented workforce, that had the ability to grow. We’re a business-friendly state,” says Secretary of Commerce and Arkansas Economic Development Commission Mike Preston. “We didn’t issue a shelter in place or a stay-at-home order. We actually kept businesses going. We deemed all business in Arkansas is essential. That just goes to show how we’ve still been able to grow and create new jobs in the midst of this pandemic.”

With more people working from home and eating out less during the pandemic, Nestlé saw an increase in their sales.

Resulting in the company adding a new product line for hot pockets brand sandwiches.

Nestlé will renovate and add 90,000 square feet to their current facility as well as creating at least 100 jobs over the next two years.

Secretary Preston says this speaks volume of our workforce in Jonesboro.

The economic impact of the expansion also goes beyond Nestlé.

“Now you have a company like Nestlé who’s growing an additional hundred employees, investing 100 million dollars,” says Secretary Preston. “That means additional support jobs around that. So, construction jobs to retrofitting the factory and production line. But then you have 100 people making a salary that maybe weren’t before.”

Secretary Preston says this is a step in the right direction to bringing Arkansas’ unemployment numbers back to what they were pre-pandemic days.

Nestlé plans to start construction in January.


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