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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

NEA Baptist recognized nationally for patient safety

JONESBORO, Ark- NEA Baptist Hospital received national recognition this week.

The Leapfrog Group, a non-profit health care organization, is shining a light on NEA Baptist. By recognizing the hospital by giving them an “A” in patient safety.

“Patient safety is a top priority. You want to make sure not only are you treating the patient properly for what they’re here for, but you’re doing it in the safest environment possible,” said Ty Jones, marketing director for NEA Baptist Hospital.

The Leapfrog Group assigns all hospitals across the country a letter grade after analyzing patient safety. From the amount of malpractice to the number of staff they have. The list gives people the chance to see how likely they are to fall victim to accidents or harm while in the hospital. Jones says patient safety is a collaborative effort.

“So, a lot of work goes into that behind the scenes. From our safety and quality teams working with our nursing units, working with those other front-line staff making sure those safety procedures are in place.”

Jones says NEA Baptist has received the highest rating in the past. So, they were honored when notified that they were awarded it again. Saying receiving it during the pandemic speaks volumes about the staff.

“To get that ‘A’ rating in the midst of the pandemic when everything else was saying ‘Covid, Covid, Covid.' And to know that those safety procedures were still in place, being followed and, that we’re still creating the safest environment possible, it’s a big kudos to that team,” Jones said.

NEA Baptist and St. Bernards Medical Center are the only hospitals in the region to receive the highest rating, an “A”.

While Arkansas Methodist Medical Center in Paragould received a “D” rating. Newport Unity Health Harris Medical Center was given a “C”.


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