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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

NEA Baptist offering new shockwave treatment for patients with heart disease

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- Patients with heart disease won’t have to travel far for a new treatment.

NEA Baptist Hospital is now the first facility in the state to offer a new treatment called Intravascular Lithotripsy.

The recent FDA approved technology is the latest treatment option available for patients with severely calcified coronary artery disease.

The approach uses sonic pressure waves to break up calcium that blocks blood flow through the artery and expands it.

Intravascular Lithotripsy has previously been used to break up kidney stones.

NEA Baptist Cardiologist Nephertiti Efeovbokhan says that they're seeing success with using the treatment.

“It’s huge. So, this technology was just approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) this year. We’re proud to say that we did our first case in Jonesboro at NEA yesterday,” says Dr. Efeovbokhan. “It was wonderful. The patient did well- we had excellent results. So yes, it’s really nice to know patients won’t have to travel far and wide. We have this treatment here in Jonesboro.”

Dr. Efeovbokhan says they expect to see long-term success with the treatment.

According to a press release from the hospital, heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women.

Each year over 600,000 people die in the United States by the disease.


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