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NEA Baptist becomes first in the Mid-South to receive, distribute Covid vaccine

JONESBORO, Ark- Today is a historic day across in the region.

As NEA Baptist is the first hospital in the Mid-South to receive and give front line health care workers the Coronavirus vaccine.

This comes just three days after the FDA approved the vaccine for use.

“We think this is our ticket out. This is probably one of the most exciting advances in science in modern history and it comes against a disease that if not one of the most important, one of the most important medical issues of a generation, says Baptist Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Steve Threlkeld.

The 975 vials of the Pfizer vaccine arrived at NEA Baptist today with health care workers lining up, ready to receive it by 2:30 p.m.

After the shot is administered, one by one they lined up and received a card with a date three weeks from now when they will get the second dose of the vaccine.

Medical Director of NEA Baptist Steve Woodruff says he is excited to receive the vaccine.

“In the hospital with COVID we’ve lost over 100 so it’s exciting for us as a medical staff to get the vaccination. We want to see it roll out to the entire community just as quickly as we can,” says Dr. Woodruff.

NEA Baptist employees are not required to receive the vaccine but are encouraged.

The first to receive the shot are health care workers.

After nursing and long term care home residents will roll up their sleeves and receive it.

One ICU and Covid unit nurse gets emotional after receiving the vaccine, as she says she can see her grandmother again.

“I am very excited. I haven’t seen her but one time in the last two months. She has stage four breast cancer and I have not been able to see her at all. She was my rock and so for me to be vaccinated if means the world to me that I will be able to go around my family,” says Brielle Roland.

Dr's. Woodroof, Threlkeld, and Rolland are now encouraging the public to get the vaccine.

“I’m standing here every single day fighting for lives and I can tell you, it’s way scarier than this vaccine,” says Rolland

Seven days after your first dose your chances of catching the coronavirus drop significantly.

After your second dose you will be 95% immune from the virus.


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