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National Guard coming to northeast Arkansas to assist first responders during winter weather

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- The city of Jonesboro is deploying the Arkansas Army National Guard to assist first responders.

The National Guard will help responders with any help they may need.

From attending to wrecks to helping stranded motorists stuck in the snow.

“[Now] they’ve come in to help with the snowstorm. We’ve had several people getting out trying to brave the roadways. Some of them in small cars or two-wheeled drives. So, we had a large number of people getting stuck and stalled in snow and ice,” says E-911 Director Jeff Presley.

Presley says the national guard was previously here last week to help with the ice storm, and now they are back.

The guard is assisting not only Jonesboro but other parts of northeast Arkansas in need of their assistance.

Presley says many first responder vehicles do not have four-wheeled drive, making it difficult for help to arrive.

“So, wherever we needed help getting to a certain point where our police vehicles wouldn’t go, or our fire trucks wouldn’t go, we have those guys here to help us out,” he says.

Just in Jonesboro alone first responders are responding to calls non-stop.

Presley says the help can’t come fast enough as they had 25 cars become stranded and almost buried in the snow.

“You can’t see the curves, you can’t see the markings on the roads, so a lot of people was getting stuck that way. At one point, we was pretty overwhelmed with the calls to 9-1-1 just getting out there. And getting to roadways open up. So, having these guys here to just help out in that aspect is really a good thing for us,” according to Presley.

Presley anticipates the National Guard will be here until Sunday.

He also wants to remind people to drive carefully due to additional snow showers on the way.


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