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Multiple organizations come together for point in time count to help the homeless population

JONESBORO, Ark- Crowley's Ridge Development Council is participating in the annual Point in Time count today.

A national event working to tackle homelessness across the country.

Staff from CRDC spent the day working with homeless individuals.

Asking them questions as they try to get an accurate count of how many people in the region are without a permanent home.

"Point in time count is an annual event taking place across the nation today. It is a requirement through HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) which eventually allows for more funding in the area when we are able to prove to them the issue of homelessness in our area,” says Director of Human Services Crowley’s Ridge Development Council, Casey Kidd.

Along with CRDC staff, the NES Homeless Continuum of Care are traveling across Craighead, Greene, and Poinsett counties today to get an accurate count of those in need.

In years past they were able to host events for the pit count. But due to covid-19, that is not the case this year.

Something Kidd fears could give a false number.

"There could even be higher numbers of homeless people. People have lost jobs, people have been evicted, they've lost their housing. And so now more than ever, we need to ensure we are aware of their circumstances, we are aware of where they're living. If they're unsheltered or if they're couch surfing, staying with family and friends. It's important that we have that information to make sure they have everything they need,” she says.

Jonesboro does not have a homeless shelter in town.

Kidd, who is part of the task force to bring one, says that can also factor into getting an accurate count.

She says it boils down to trust.

"They're worried they might get in trouble, or their housing might be disrupted. So yes, people might see us out- today walking around Jonesboro. Looking in areas so we can interact with these very valued members of society."

If you know anyone in the region experiencing homelessness, you are encouraged to contact Kidd at (870)-802-7100.


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