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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Mayors Youth Council program coming to Jonesboro

Jonesboro Mayor Harrold Copenhaver is bringing a new program to town.

The Mayors Youth Council, it involves local high school students in grades 10th through 12th in city government and community engagement.

“We can involve them with their ideas and empower. That’s the keyword that I want to show here is we want to empower the youth of our community to be involved, creativity, the arts,” says Mayor Copenhaver.

Mayors Youth Council is a national program with chapters across the state and country.

Mayor Copenhaver says creating the youth council will add to continued economic growth, a better quality of life, and entertainment options.

As well as public safety and community engagement with hopes to attract and retaining more young professionals to Jonesboro.

“But our community has so many things to offer that our youth are not aware about,” according to Mayor Copenhaver. “So, again we offer and show this to them, and hopefully, they’ll stay here, they’ll grow their families here, and, as well they’ll continue their education.”

Students from all Jonesboro public, and private high schools, as well as homeschool, are encouraged to apply.

City staff and advisors from Arkansas State University will oversee the program.

Students will come up with project and improvement ideas for Jonesboro and will report directly to the mayor’s office and the Jonesboro City Council.

“It’s about what they see is an important role, so we want to incorporate them in our communications department, in marketing. We want to incorporate them in our beautification of our community. But it’s going to be their idea's because this is going to be their community one day. It’s important that we are able to communicate with our youth well, and this will increase that,” Mayor Copenhaver said.

Applications will be open until May 1st and can be found on the city of Jonesboro website.


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