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Many Texans are without power. Will Arkansans will see that happening in Arkansas too?

JONESBORO,AR- Winter weather is nice until it comes to people not having electricity. Many Texans are without power. Will Arkansans will see that happening in Arkansas too.

Electric companies across Arkansas are asking members to limit the use of electricity service to avoid maxing out on the usage for all homes.

“The storm that we’re experiencing is actually a multi-state issue with extremely cold temperatures for anybody that’s been outside or probably in your house even it's extremely cold,” Director of Cooperative Communications, Rob Roedel said.

Electricity is increased by the number of people at home right now.

“Normally people are at their offices or work, I know many people in Northeast Arkansas like the factories are doing their job. More and more people are at home due to the weather and road conditions and also the current pandemic,” Roedel said.

The use of more and more power like using the dryer or watching tv throughout several homes across the state can become overwhelming.

Many people in Texas are without power because they are trying to avoid outage everywhere. Roedel says they are optimistic right now that the state has adequate capacity to provide the power that everyone needs.

They did get dangerously close from 6 am-10 am to reaching that peek in power usage.

“We’re very blessed in Arkansas to have first-generation resources that we’ve got great utility partners throughout the state, throughout the region that we can rely on for additional power the best we can,” Roedel said.

There are many ways to limit your electricity by turning your thermostat down to about 68 degrees, delay drying clothes or dishwasher, delaying using your hot water, making sure all doors and windows are secure, keeping the cold out.

“We’re not for profit but we don’t make any margin at all if the powers not flowing through your home. That’s crucial for us, there are about 2500 electric cooperative employees throughout the state and their job is to make sure you have all the power that you need in a reliable and affordable manner.”

Roedel suggests Arkansans to limit their electricity for the next 24 hours or depending on the weather to achieve not maxing power out completely.


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