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Local gym increases cleaning procedures with increase of new gym members

JONESBORO,AR-With new year resolutions, comes with new gym attendees, and local gyms are seeing an increase in memberships.

The covid-19 pandemic has forced the way these gyms are dealing with the influx of new members, but with the help of their team at workout anytime, their clean gym is a healthy one.

“It’s always here. We have to wear a mask the entire time, our staff where mask 24/7. We ask that our members all wear a mask whenever they come in when they’re in our locker rooms or when they are passing with another gym member,” General Manager, Workout Anytime, Allie Wilson said.

Wilson says they have had new members join this week, especially on Monday.

The gym is making sure their members and employees are taking extra precautions when it comes to a clean gym.

She says the staff cleaning every hour on the hour and they have an air fix system which cleans the air regularly.

The Airfx drops hydrogen molecules to kill surface bacteria and prevent disease spread.

“It can disinfect our entire gym floor, which is really nice, so that’s running 24/7 because we are a 24/7 facility. This means my staff is not here all the time but that’s cleaning all the time,” Wilson said.

Towels and spray bottles used are wash and cleaned in-between every member.

Since they have members with health-related issues and still want to work out they encourage them to use their infrared sauna which help their immune system.

So far, they have not had to close because of a virus outbreak.

“The number of people that come in and say, I’ve never seen someone clean the gym so thoroughly as my staff does. That’s something that we have pounded in their head since day one. We know how scary the virus is, we know how scary it can be for our members coming in. people want to get out of their house, people want to stay healthy and this is the best way to stay healthy,” Wilson said.

The gym is offering a special during this month and expect to see more new members in the future.


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