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Local business prepares for busy tournament weekend

JONESBORO, AR- The city of Jonesboro has big plans for residents this weekend including many sports tournaments.

Several sports tournaments are set for this weekend including soccer, baseball, and softball but with more people in town, that could mean a revenue boost for hotels and local businesses.

“A lot of people come back. The business has almost tripled from May of last year to this year many are from groups business come back,” Embassy Suites Director, Kraig Pomrenke said.

The tournaments this weekend include baseball, a 30 plus soccer team, and the Jonesboro soccer teams, the city stars.

They will host teams from Northeast Arkansas, Poplar Bluff, and Southeast Missouri.

“This time last year it was extremely difficult we were at the height of the pandemic we were figuring out what direction we could go there was a lot of these activities that were not allowed by the state,” Parks and recreation Director, Danny Kapales said.

They will also have the united way softball tournament with 25 softball teams at the softball complex.

With the large number of visitors coming into town, this could be a great impact on revenue for hotels, restaurants, and local businesses.

“Anytime you have a huge tournament, or a softball tournament you’re bringing people from out of town that’s hotel stays, that restaurants, that people shopping things that different. whether it’s your sporting good facility or clothing stores, markets. People are shopping here in town. They are enjoying what you have,” Kapales said

Pomrenke says right now they are looking to hire more people to keep up with the demand for this weekend and the summer. He knows for when visitors are out for leisure trips, they spend more money shopping or dining.

“So, it’s a great way to bring in tax dollars for the city and continue to bring in business and visitors to show what Jonesboro is all about,” Pomrenke said.

To find a list of the tournaments this weekend, you can visit and look for the parks and recreation section.


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