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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Library seeing progress on facility expansion

JONESBORO, Ark- Construction on the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library expansion and upgrades to the current children’s department are coming along.

After running into delays shortly after breaking ground, staff says they’re excited to see it one step closer to completion.

“They’ve got a lot of the flooring done, a little more to be done. They’ve been painting. They had to paint the ceilings. They’re putting in a double door, a glass double door to get right into the children’s programming area,” CCJPL director David Eckert said.

The addition will add over 2,000 square feet to the children’s library. In early June, the library saw a delay in construction due to materials being unavailable but, crews are making up for the lost time.

“They’re starting to put, as you can see, some of the insolation down. Now and they’ve already put the roof on and, they’re working on some of those things. So, it’s coming along quite nicely,” he said.

The $700,000 expansion will add more material to the children’s library, multiple programming areas, dedicated office space for employees, and a new library entrance.

Once complete, Eckert says the upgrades will benefit the whole community.

“A lot of people will really like the separate entrance directly into the children’s area. They won’t have to go through the rest of the library if they don’t want to. There will be parking out there we’re going to put parking. And they’re ultimately going to have a garden around the outside. That’s our number one thing at the library, [which] is programming. There is not really any other place in town that does the kind of children’s programming that we do. And it’s free programming,” the director said.

The project is on track to be complete by mid to late fall.


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