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KJNB SuperKids: Piper


When the COVID-19 outbreak started last year, people all over the world stepped up to help in whatever ways they could. One of those people includes Piper Smith, a KJNB SuperKid.

“Well we had a school fundraiser, and since we couldn’t go door to door because of COVID, I decided why not make and sell magnets?” said Piper.

Piper goes to Ridgefield Christian School in Jonesboro, a school where a portion of the funds necessary to operate are raised through school fundraisers. With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, there were less opportunities to raise money. And that’s where Piper comes in.

“Well her school was starting a fundraiser, it’s the middle of COVID, we knew we had some obstacles with being able to call people and ask for money, so that was hard,” said Amie Smith, Piper’s Mother.

“So she came up with the idea of selling something, it was around Christmastime, and it just kind of took off, and she was able to make more money than she had expected for the school.”

Piper’s magnets were a hit, and she explained the process that goes into making each and every one by hand.

“Well we have colorful papers we get at the store, and we cut them into little circles, and put them on the back of marbles, and then glue the magnets to the back of those,” said Piper.

And this project of giving isn’t something new to those who know Piper. Piper’s parents have always known she is the type of kid to give back.

“She’s always been very giving,” said Rodney Smith, Piper’s father.

“Several years ago now she decided to have a birthday party, and instead of giving gifts, people brought stuff for the Jonesboro K-9s, and we had one of the K-9s come out, so this is something that she’s done things like this before for a long time.”

Piper’s school was very appreciative of her efforts too. Ridgefield Christian School principal Matt Brewer nominated Piper to be a KJNB SuperKid.

“Piper simply comes off as the kid that just wants to give back,” said Brewer.

“She found a way to help Ridgefield without anyone asking her to, without anyone prompting her to, and she did it. And a lot of times those are the kids that get overlooked, because they’re such good kids, and she will never ask for recognition.”

Piper has been such an inspiration, and she has gone above and beyond every single day even when she didn’t have to. Her parents hope that her example will help her classmates to do the same.

“No matter how young you are, or what obstacle are in your way, that you can make a way to make things happen that you want to see happen, and we’re just very fortunate for her teachers and her school at Ridgefield for just supporting her and helping her along the way,” said Amie Smith.

And for any other kid out there looking to start up a business to help others, Piper has some advice:

“Just keep believing and ask for help if you need it.”


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