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KJNB SuperKids: Dalton

HOXIE, AR - Dalton Callahan and Eli Tinker have been friends for a long time. At this point, many would say it’s unusual to see the one of them without the other. But last year, an accident occurred that changed things forever.

Eli’s father, Travis Tinker described the day the accident occurred. “There’s a road near our house that has kind of a bind corner on it… and it was grow’d up, and there was a truck coming around it and Eli coming around it at the same time, he got hung up under the truck.”

And if not for the help of quick-thinking people on the scene, Eli’s fate may have changed.

“There was a passerby that came by pretty soon, and he put a tourniquet on his leg, and most likely saved Eli’s life,” said Tinker.

Eli began a rough recovery ahead, and it was his best friend Dalton who wasted no time to help.

Dalton’s mom Maggie Callahan remembered what Dalton did to step up for Eli.

“Day one whenever he had the wreck, Dalton’s reaction was, ‘What are we going to do? How can I help? What should we do?’," said Callahan.

Dalton jumped in right away and began to help his best friend however he could.

“I wanted to find ideas to raise money for him to help him pay his medical bills. My slogan I picked out was ‘A Bucket Truck Can’t Stop My Buck.’ And we just raised money in gas stations and put buckets out, and asked everyone we know to put a couple of cents in there or a dollar,” said Dalton.

Dalton not only raised money for Eli, but he helped his best friend with everyday tasks, putting Eli before himself in almost every situation.

“At first whenever I was still on crutches, he’d carry my backpack around, and then get my lunch everyday” said Eli.

Eli’s mom, Marilyn Tinker, added, “Dalton learned how to use Eli’s machine, so if the alarm went off, he knew what to do. He’d get him plugged in… saving grace.”

Katie French, counselor at Hoxie Elementary noticed Dalton’s good deeds, and decided to nominate him to be a KJNB SuperKid.

“Watching Dalton and the way that he has been just a true friend to Eli through all of this, it’s just shown what we could all be more like,” said French.

And because of Dalton putting Eli and others before himself, we were proud to present Dalton with the title of KJNB SuperKid.

Dalton’s mom and her husband Zach Callahan continue to be proud of the son they are raising and how he puts others before himself.

“I’m just overwhelmed with joy and pride that at this age he has come this far, and he just takes the initiative to do it on his own,” said Maggie Callahan.

And as for Eli, he sums up his friendship with Dalton better than anyone else could.

“I’m really grateful to have Dalton as a best friend.”


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