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Jonesboro Regional Chamber accepting applications for Junior Leadership program

JONESBORO, Ark- The Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce is accepting applications for its Junior Leadership Program.

Cody slater, vice president of programing for the chamber, says they’re looking to identify the next generation of leaders while giving students an inside look at the town they call home.

“We start off by talking about governmental things, city, county and how that interacts with Jonesboro and communities’ growth. And then we go into manufacturing, healthcare, our largest employers. A lot of things that really drive the economy.”

Rising eleventh graders eager to serve their community are encouraged to apply.

The program runs from August to February and meets monthly.

It allows participants to network, identify their strengths and traits.

“We’ll do personality profiles, things like that to let them be a little more introspective about their potential leadership style. A lot of these skills are transferable to where they may or may not end up,” Slater said.

The Junior Leadership Program has been part of the chamber for over a decade, growing and expanding over the years.

Students must attend Ridgefield Christian School, Westside, Brookland, Jonesboro, Nettleton, or Valley View Public Schools. They also welcome homeschooled applicants.

Slater says one must meet qualifications to apply.

“Must be a rising junior, so we will take applications. They’re open right now, the process is open, and we’ll make our selection before school is out. As far as hard guidelines, it’s really time, availability, attendance record with the school district and that 3.0 GPA.”

You can pick up an application at your child's school.

They're due May 5, 2023, and must be returned to their guidance counselor or career counselor.


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