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Jonesboro Police catching distracted drivers Downtown

Jonesboro Police Department is cracking down on speeding across Jonesboro.

This week officers will be located in different areas in downtown Jonesboro conducting a downtown speeding enforcement for the safety of pedestrians shopping and dining.

“Monitoring the pedestrians to make sure cars are stopping for them, which is required by law, so they don’t get hit by a car. Checking for speeders, checking for people distracted driving, and trying to have a presence down there to make sure the downtown community is a lot safer. It is a lot of pedestrian traffic down there that crossing between the stores,” Sergeant, George Martin said.

Officers will be on foot running radar and will be calling in stops to staged officers down the road.

Some officers are near the sidewalk, giving out violations due to the limited space on the roads.

“We try to do this all over. When we get complaints, we try to get officers out there to monitor it and see what’s going on. We get so many that it takes time to get all the spots that we’re getting complaints on,” Martin said.

During the Downtown Jonesboro Alliance Main Event, it was mentioned from one store owner their safety concerns of drivers speeding on Main street.

After receiving complaints from the city about cars not yielding to pedestrian traffic, they wanted to make sure they stop this problem.

“Hopefully, our goal is that everybody is doing what they’re supposed to, and we don’t have to stop any cars because they’ve done it themselves. Just that alone makes it safer,” Martin said.

They plan to be in the downtown area for the rest of the week and will relocate if necessary.


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