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Jonesboro officer of the year named, after helping young boy out of human trafficking

JONESBORO,AR- Crime stopper of Jonesboro announced the officer of the year today.

Adam Hampton was named officer of the year after helping a young boy back in May out of human trafficking.

Patrolman Hampton was called in on a runaway case. A young man was missing for two weeks from Springdale. After some time and his experience, and instinct, he had suspicioned the child was a victim of sex trafficking.

Warrants, were issued and arrest were made.

“I was glad I was able to help, I could sense something wasn’t right,” 2020 Officer of the year, Adam Hampton said.

Jen Vincent advisor of hope found which is a nonprofit that helps trafficking victims says it was rare when they got a call about a young man because usually, they hear more from girls.

“He had kind of done a lot of the work that we would have asked, the questions we would have asked and that’s something that we’d like to do for any police department all over the state of Arkansas,” Advisor, Hope Found, Jen Vincent said.

Hampton was shocked when he found out he was officer of the year, but glad he was able to do what he can.

“I’m excited, I’m humbled and I greatly appreciate it,” Hampton said.

“I commend Adam because he was able to make that connection with that young and got him to answer question that he knew to. So, we highly, highly commend Adam for his work and all the officers in Jonesboro that do a fabulous job with that,” Vincent said.

Vincent says human trafficking it’s more prevalent in Arkansas and even Jonesboro than people know, so it’s important to for people to recognize the signs and know the right questions to ask.


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