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Jonesboro High School students to take concurrent credit classes on the A-State campus

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- Incoming Jonesboro High School juniors and seniors can take up to 15 credit hours of in-person classes a semester at Arkansas State University.

This will allow them to expand their existing program that does not offer on-campus in-person class options.

One JHS faculty member says it could be a big factor for students who are currently undecided about if they will go to college.

“We are going to have somebody here that’s going to be a liaison with ASU. And then the ASU people,” says STEM Academy principal at the Academies at Jonesboro High School, Jeff Flanigan. “The faculty there that’s going to be dedicated to helping our students have great outcomes. It’s just an amazing and exciting time and, they can say, ‘hey, I can do this.’”

Previously, concurrent classes were solely taught at JHS.

Students are limited to general requirements classes.

To qualify, one must meet state requirements, including scoring at least a 19 on the ACT in each subject. If a student wants to take a math course, they must make a score of 26 on the ACT.

Participating in the concurrent credit program allows students to enter their major class requirements once they start college.

Dr. Jill Simons, associate vice chancellor of academic services at Arkansas State University, says they will be part of the A-State community.

“It’ll be much more of an authentic experience for the students to come to campus. They’ll experience the culture. They’ll be in the classroom with other college students,” says Simons. “They’re going to interact with other faculty, and this will give them a foot up when it comes to their transition year when they start college. And really feel and understand that they can acquire a college degree.”

Currently, 140 Jonesboro High School students qualify for the concurrent credit program.

Arkansas State and JHS are making the program as accessible as possible.

The district will offer a shuttle to and from the university campus each hour for students without transportation.

Students will also receive a discount rate on parking and tuition.

“We’re doing it at the concurrent rate. So, $40 a credit hour. So, you look at it from this standpoint; students will be able to take like 60 hours for $2,400,” says Flanigan.

The change will go into effect starting in the fall of the 2021-2022 school year.

Flanigan says students are excited, as he says this will make college more accessible for them.


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