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Jonesboro High School student organizes Covid-19 vaccine clinic

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- One remarkable local student is leading the vaccine efforts at her school.

Jonesboro High School junior Salma Abdel-Karim is already leaving for footprint at JHS.

Through her club Women in STEM, the 17-year-old organized a Covid-19 vaccine clinic to promote vaccine participation among her peers.

“Our main goal is to maximize the amount of students who get the vaccine. So that we can return to normal and hopefully get everyone back to school,” says Abdel- Karim.

The clinic took place today at the St. Bernards Auditorium with over 70 students and parents attending.

Abdel-Karim came up with the idea after her physician mother asked for information about how to; book a vaccine appointment to pass along to her patients.

The aspiring doctor thought the information would also be beneficial for Jonesboro High School students and their families.

After pitching the idea and working with JHS principals and St. Bernards, the clinic came together.

Abdel- Karim and club members made posters to hang around the school and promoted the clinic during the school announcements.

Fellow student Celia Mayfield says she was excited to roll up her sleeve to get vaccinated.

“I saw there was this opportunity, and it was something I could easily go to during school. And so, it was just really easy and efficient for me to do. And I got to get the vaccine,” Mayfield said.

Despite the clinic being during school hours, the high school was on board from the beginning as staff and fellow students showing their support.

Jonesboro High School biology teacher, and Women in STEM club sponsor, Jessica Nadzam says she wasn’t surprised when Abdel-Karim approached her with the clinic idea.

“She has always gone above and beyond whether it's an assignment, a project, or a test. And so now seeing her do this with the Women in STEM club, it- it matches exactly- what I thought it would be,” says Nadzam. “I knew she would take it and run with it and make something that’s really great for our community.”

Everyone who participated today will receive the second dose of the vaccine on May 14th.

Abdel-Karim and Nadzam say they hope other school districts will follow and sponsor vaccine clinics as well.


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