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Construction set to begin on Jonesboro High School expansion

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark- If you’ve drive-by Jonesboro High School, you might notice trees are gone and a small construction site.

This is because the district will soon break ground on a project, adding a new building onto the high school.

“Where you’re seeing the construction now, there is a barricade. There’s a gate. A lot of the dirt that’s being moved we’re gonna put some parking area out on that big square,” says Dr. William Cheatham Jonesboro Public Schools’ assistant superintendent. “That’s on the corner of College and Main. And once they get that established with gravel, that will be the landing place for all of the material. And then we’ll start on the actual construction of the building.”

After construction on the building begins, crews will finish the new parking lot.

Dr. Cheatham says talks about expanding the high school started a few years ago.

A special election took place last year. In which voters passed a resolution allowing the district to re-finance their bonds, giving them the funds to complete this project.

The new three-story building will include twenty new classrooms and the high schools’ principals, offices and, other spaces.

“And really put a front entrance of a high school that really no one could ever figure out before. Once you come into [the building] to one side, there will be kinda a gathering area. On the other entrance, we will have classrooms, of course. We’re looking at moving our distance learning classrooms right there because they’re off the main entrance. We’ll also have some workrooms for teachers. [The] second and third floor will be classrooms,” he says.

The new front entrance to JHS will mirror the school’s current gym and performing arts center.

While construction is underway, they will expand their cafeteria, kitchen, and seating area.

Dr. Cheatham says the new building is a need after multiple years of consistent growth.

“As far as growth, it’s been a nice gradual growth. We have, over time, tried to use the spaces we could, and now it’s time to kinda bust out. [We have] classes that are meeting in locker rooms, hallways, old locker rooms that we’ve converted [into classrooms]. So really, it’s being able to move those folks out of those spaces that we were just making do with,” says Dr. Cheatham.

Preparations including, removing glass and brick from the front of the school, will begin on March 1st

Dr. Cheatham says they did have a minor delay due to last week’s winter weather.

They expect the 18-month project to be complete by August 2022.


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