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Ice takes over Jonesboro street, living residents stuck inside

JONESBORO, AR- More ice has taken many streets and roads overnight in Jonesboro.

Today we got a lot more sleet and freezing rain overnight which cause more people to get stuck at home. Many neighbors I talked to did not expect these results so soon.

“I think it’s pretty cool and it’s because I just love the snow,” Jonesboro Resident, Stefan Olive said.

“We still have power that’s kind of not expected, I’m glad that we still have power, so City Water and Lights are probably working hard to keep that going,” Jonesboro Resident, Landon Hatcher said.

Quiet and cold is what you hear and feel in some neighborhoods throughout Jonesboro today.

Many cars parked due to how hard it is to get out with amount of ice on the ground.

One resident, Seth Olive says this was not what he was expected overnight.

He has lived in Jonesboro for about 15 years planned ongoing to work but when he couldn’t get out the parking lot, things changed.

“The last few years, we haven’t had really much ice or snow and so, whenever I heard I kind of thought it would be spotty, but it would be gone in an hour or two, but I was definitely wrong,” Olive said.

Landon Hatcher who does solar contracting for solar fields wasn’t able to go into work as well due to concerns of being stuck on the roads.

“I put my propane grill inside just in case I need to cook I can just roll it out and cook and everything. So, I stocked up on actual meat before all the weather hit,” Hatcher said.

Northeast Arkansas is expected to receive more winter weather until about next week. These residents plan to make the best of the snow days as they can.

“Me and my wife are both off work, so we’re planning to have a nice day inside and we’re really thankful for that,” Olive said.

“It’s definitely going to slow everybody down; it’s going to be hard getting used to that. I’m not going to go out anywhere or anything so hopefully, everybody is stocked up on a little bit of food,” Hatcher said.

To make sure you’re prepared for these winter weather days; you can download out KJNBTV Weather app for alerts.


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