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Homeless Task Force creating a long term facility in Jonesboro

JONESBORO,AR- Jonesboro City Officials and community members are taking a stand for the homelessness population in Jonesboro.

The homelessness population has been a problem in the Jonesboro community but with the new Homeless Task Force, this group is working hard to make sure they are taken care of.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower them to exit homelessness and to succeed in a workplace and school and just in life. We are really hopeful that we will have tons of programs for them,” Chairman, Homeless Task Force, Dana Moore said.

The homeless task force was created by former Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin, January 2020. The force is currently working on opening a new long-term facility.

With new Mayor Copenhaver, he has not let this slip through his fingers.

Moore and Mayor Perrin worked together to bring the hub to Jonesboro as it models the hospitality hub in Tennessee.

“WE are looking at two different locations here in Jonesboro. We’ve had an architect at both places, and he’s given us a recommendation on one place in specific. That’s where our focus is right now,” Moore said.

Chairman of the Homeless Task Force Dana Moore says, they will offer services like parenting skill and financial management to help them have a stable life.

They will service and partner with other counties across Northeast Arkansas.

Moore says with this shelter it will help in the end because homelessness is a community problem

“I feel like anytime we can impact our community for the good then, we do. I believe homelessness is a community problem and it affects every single one of us in some way.”

Moore expects the facility to hold a groundbreaking ceremony soon but hope the community support the task force and look forward to working with them in the future events.


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