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Hispanic Center of Jonesboro vaccinate community 70 years old and up

JONESBORO,AR- Phase 1-B in the distribution of the COVID vaccine is now allowing those 70 and up to receive the vaccine.

The Jonesboro Hispanic Center partnered with St. Bernard’s Healthcare to offer a COVID-19 vaccination event for people 70-years-old and up, all for free.

“We understand that sometimes for our families it is difficult to have internet access or to just make a phone call to a pharmacy where they don’t have bilingual staff. We wanted to ensure our community has the same access as anybody in our community to the vaccine,” Executive Director, Hispanic Center of Jonesboro, Gina Gomez said.

Over the last few month of the pandemic, Gomez says they have helped over a thousand people across Northeast Arkansas.

They have been one of the hardest hits. Gomez wants to make sure they are proactive.

“To keep educating them on the CDC regulations and making sure that they are still using the mask and still wash their hands, and understand a vaccine is not a havoc secure that you are not going to get COVID,” Gomez said.

According to the U.S. Census, there are about 7.7% of Hispanics in Arkansas.

Gomez says they want to make sure their community takes advantage of the resources they receive here for free because some people in other countries cannot.

“I think that, when we talk to our families and friends, we know the struggles that our countries are going through just for not having access to vaccinations and the resources that this country provides to us, so I think that it is important to think of that and compare,” Gomez said.

To schedule an appointment to receive a vaccination, you can call or contact them on Facebook at the Hispanic Center of Jonesboro.


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